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Skin-caring makeup, beautiful colours and organic formulas. What more could you ask for?
John Masters Organics has teamed up with Absolution for you to discover its famous Dusky Rose Lipstick, a very natural pink with woody hues that heightens the natural colour of your lips with a subtle, sheer finish. 

Makeup enhances your features, boosts your confidence, and makes you feel like yourself. So there's every good reason to use it! But you want to be sure it isn't harmful to your health... That's why Absolution joined forces with celebrity makeup artist, Christophe Danchaud, to create something absolutely unique. The idea was to fashion the perfect makeup collection: one that was natural and organic, that combined "true" colors and care, that contained no suspicious ingredients and delivered professional results. The "Sweet & Safe" collection was born! Clean, eco-friendly makeup : Maybe you apply makeup every day: a coat of foundation, a sweep of mascara, a dash of lipstick... But do you ever wonder what these products contain? Many conventional makeup products contain numerous active ingredients that are harmful for your skin, such as parabens, PEGs, phthalates, mineral oils, synthetic colorants and fragrance.
Over time, this dubious cocktail of ingredients can damage the upper layers of the skin and even have serious repercussions on your body. Absolution wanted its makeup range to be absolutely ethical and ecological. 
Did you know that the skin of your lips is finer and more fragile than that of the rest of your body? The lips are made up of three to five layers of cells, and it's this fineness that gives them their pink colour. Absolution has created long-lasting, protective, natural lipsticks with a soft, smooth texture, rich in botanical oils such as jojoba and shea to keep your lips beautiful and well-moisturized.
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