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5 Beauty Essentials for Festival Season

The festival season is gearing up, and with it, its legendary music, style, and natural boho beauty. Whether you’re packing to join the fun or channeling your inner goddess from afar, these 5 travel-sized essentials (and tips) will keep you looking perfectly natural from sun up to sundown.

Skip the blowout and embrace the dry heat.

Leave the hair dryer at home. With many festivals happening in desert-like areas, it’s the perfect place to let strands naturally air dry. Spritz our Mini Sea Mist Sea Salt Spray onto damp tresses for textured, tousled waves—no tools required. It contains lavender to help hair maintain moisture and can be used in between shampoos to absorb excess oil and extend your style. Twist sections of hair at night to wake up to beautiful waves.

Quick change your hair style with a sweat-free look.

As the sun rises and the mid-day heat sets in, pull hair up and away to stay cool. Create a loose top knot or braid, then use our Mini Hair Spray to keep strands tucked in place. It’s lightweight and leaves hair feeling soft, never sticky, with a fresh, citrus scent that’ll cut through the crowds.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate…including your skin.

It’s easy to lose track of your water intake on a normal day, but when you’re enjoying the festival scene, it’s the last thing on your mind. Start sipping early and frequently. Bring your own water bottle to fill and refill at water-filling stations and snack on water-dense fruits like grapes and melon. Extra perk: fruit contains natural electrolytes to help keep your energy up while you dance the day away. Another way to hydrate and reboot? Mist skin with our Mini Rose & Aloe Hydrating Toning Mist to calm, moisturize, and fight off free-radical damage from environmental aggressors.

Keep a moisturizing lip balm—or two—at the ready.

Talking. Singing. Laughing. Smiling. Your lips are going to be hyperactive and keeping them supple and soft will ensure they’re ready for whatever comes their way. Grab a nourishing lip balm like John Masters Lip Calm Peppermint. It’s rich in hydrating jojoba, borage, sunflower, and olive oils—good stuff your lips will love—with a soothing peppermint kick.

If you can’t jump the shower line, roll this on instead.

Shower when you can, apply a roll-on fragrance when you can’t. With its petite, slim design, this space saver can slip into your smallest pocket while its roller-ball applicator delivers concentrated scent spots that won’t waste a drop. Try our Fresh Floral Roll-On Fragrance for a burst of neroli flower, orange, and geranium flower.

With these five must-haves, your effortlessly-fresh festival beauty is in the bag.

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