Celebrate Earth Day, Every Day: Practical Ways to Reduce, Recycle, Reuse

We all know about our carbon footprint, right? In simple terms, it's the idea that everyone leaves an impact or footprint on the Earth, and depending on how eco-conscious you are, your footprint can either be BIG or little.

If you’re already an eco-friendly person, you know that we can REDUCE the size of our negative impact on the Earth. All it takes is a bit of conscious effort to make this happen...


Taking what most people call “garbage” and reusing it for another purpose is a simple way to help reduce landfill waste. Creating works of art out of “trash” is our favorite — a pretty awesome way to reuse materials in general, if you ask us.

Bottles and jars can be used for so many things other than their original use. For instance, you can repurpose your empty for your small plants or florals, just like we did!

Reuse of John Masters Organics glass jars

Empty hair spray bottles can be washed out and reused to mist your delicate orchids or fragile ferns. You can even create chic hanging lights with old wine bottles and turn old pasta jars into a storage containers for your school or art supplies.

Helping the planet starts with mindful and informed daily choices that add up to big changes over time. Everyone can do their share.

And the best part is, all you need is a caring, open mind and some creative improvisation! Take this spirit into Earth Day this year and celebrate the source of all life... Our planet Earth.


Reducing the amount of waste thrown into landfills by each person begins with small, everyday changes.

Start by assessing your waste accumulation each week. Do you fill your garbage bins to the brim or are all of your waste baskets (compost, recycle, garbage) relatively empty? The average American tends to consume a lot of products with bulky, non-recyclable packaging that ends up in the trash.

As we celebrate Earth Day, take a moment to evaluate how you buy and consume products. We wanted to share two practical things you can do today that will help reduce your carbon footprint.

  1. Consider buying frequently used products in bulk, when possible.
  1. Switch to brands that use eco-friendly packaging that’s recyclable and/or compostable.
Lucky for everyone (especially Mother Earth), all John Masters Organics products come in recyclable packaging, so you can feel better about reducing your carbon footprint.
We like to focus on RECYCLING and REUSING things as much as possible, not just on Earth Day. Not everyone is perfect and can do all the necessary steps, all of the time. So take things day by day and piece by piece every little bit helps!


Do you know how to tell if something is recyclable? Some people may not know what’s actually recyclable and it generally varies by the city or state you live in. Here are some basic recycling guidelines to help you decipher recycling codes and get you going in the right direction. While this may take a little time and practice, try to pay close attention to these recycling codes to avoid throwing any recyclables into the garbage bin by mistake.Recycle to reduce your carbon footprintRecycling can also be fun! And you can even save a little bit of cash while doing it! Here’s how.
  1. Review the recyclables list available on your local waste management company's website.
  1. Save all applicable pieces and turn them in for cash!
It may not add up to much at first, but you can always donate that money to a charity or save it to buy something big in the future.
And you can pay it forward doesn’t Mother Earth deserve it?by simply sharing your knowledge with others.
These small adjustments create an almost effortless ripple effect that helps protect the environment. (We’re feeling warm and fuzzy just thinking about it.)

Celebrate Earth Day, every day!

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