Three Easy Swaps to Detox Your Beauty Routine

Taking the first steps to creating a more healthful, natural beauty routine can be intimidating. Here we’ve curated a list of three no-brainer swaps to help make your journey to a more natural beauty routine a cinch:

  1. Hair spray
Although aerosols that contain ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) have been banned since the ‘70s, modern aerosol sprays still use hydrocarbons and/or compressed gases that are notorious for their contribution to global warming. Every time you hit the nozzle on your favorite hair spray you simultaneously raise your carbon footprint. Make the swap and reach for our natural, USDA-certified organic Hair Spray that sprays with an ultra-fine mist. Its formula is powered with gentle ingredients like aloe vera and acacia senegal gum that give hair essential hold without drying it out or leaving a flaky residue.
  1. Shampoo & Conditioner
Ironically, two products that are used to clean and nourish hair may actually contain some seriously dirty ingredients: harsh sulfate lathering agents, paraben preservatives, irritating fragrances, and damaging pthalates. These ingredients commonly cause skin irritations (such as rashes, eczema and acne), are potential hormone disruptors, and may be carcinogenic. Replace your conventional formulas with our naturally lathering Shampoos and intensely softening Conditioners for the healthiest hair and scalp you’ve ever had.
  1. Lip Balm
Your favorite lip balm may actually cause your lips to become drier over time. Petrolatum is a common ingredient found in conventional balms and is a by-product of petroleum jelly. Petroleum is a mixture of hydrocarbons and other chemicals from crude oil. Petroleum and its variations may make your lips feel temporarily moisturized because of its thick consistency that creates a protective barrier over the skin. However, this barrier can suffocate lips by blocking them from absorbing moisture from the atmosphere –– basically, your skin can’t breathe. Instead, opt for a balm formula that’s packed with skin-loving botanicals, oils, and butters that truly hydrate and nourish, such as our fan-favorite Lip Calm. To learn more about ingredients that are never included in John Masters Organics formulations, check out our Absolutely Not List.

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