The Truth About Your Hair

It pretty much went like this:

We permed and crimped our hair like there was no tomorrow in the ‘80s. We flat ironed it like no one was watching in the ‘90s. Then we jumped in head first to this thing called the balayage somewhere around the mid-2000s. Sure, there were side trips to Platinum Blonde Beach and, of course, many of us got stalled up at a fork in the road known as Bangs or No Bangs.

But the point is, we cared. R we right?

We cared—and still do—a lot about our hair.

The problem is, we’re often so distracted with the state of our locks that we forget to take care of where they come from in the first place. This is your wake-up call! It’s time to pay attention to your scalp.

First off, what is your scalp responsible for? This is a biggie. Its state of wellbeing is one of the main things responsible for your greasy or oily hair, your dry or brittle hair, and yes, it can even be the cause of your thinning hair. Not to get all horror show on you, but it helps to know that your hair strands are already dead (yes, we can care for them and even change their compounds with specific, targeted ingredients). However, your follicles on your scalp are alive—and we’re here to help make sure they’re alive and WELL.

We will not, it needs to be said, be doing this just any old way we can. Our skin is our largest organ, and your scalp is a part of it. We believe in caring for our hair and skin (read: scalp!) with products formulated with natural and organic ingredients. We’ll do this the natural way, with clean, safe, non-toxic care for your hair.

Let’s get started.

Before you shampoo, give your scalp a massage. We use our new Exfoliating Scalp Brush because it’s made with these super gentle looped tines that remove all the gunk and hardened oil that’s stuck on your scalp and clogging your pores up there. We all have it, trust us (even if you think you don’t). If you’ve never been subject to a scalp magnifier, consider yourself lucky. A little HQ-employee trip to one of our stores in Tokyo with one had us all running for Mount Fuji. Use this Scalp Brush once and you’ll see what we mean. It won’t take long to get addicted—you’ll want to use it before you shampoo, every time.

Now it’s time to detoxify and create the ultimate foundation for healthy hair. Because we’re immersed in all things organic all day every day, we know it all comes down to the soil, soil, soil. Healthy plants grow from healthy soil. (Fun fact: Did you know organic farmers can only grow in soil that’s been chemical free for three years?) Our #hairgoals peeps in product development swear by our Scalp Stimulating Shampoo for ultimate scalp care. It’s powered by organic meadowsweet extract that acts as a natural astringent (think of this as your oil regulator with the added bonus of exfoliation) and organic spearmint leaf oil, which offers a refreshing cooling sensation to get the circulation moving up there. And of course, we need to continue to unclog the pores and that’s what the eucalyptus oil is for.

In the end, it’s really simple. Take care of your scalp, take care of your hair.

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