Fast & Effective Mind/Body Practices to Get through the Holidays

The holiday season is the most wonderful –– and stressful –– time of the year. Alongside merriment and wonder we’re bombarded with an overload of baked goods, festive feasts, and stresses from finances, family visits and planning get-togethers. With minimal time for ourselves it’s no wonder this time of year takes a toll on our bodies and minds.

Here are five practices that can help you stay sane during the hectic holiday season:

  1. Wake up right
Rather than hitting snooze, wake up when your alarm goes off and immediately spritz your face with a refreshing mist like our Rose & Aloe Toning Mist. This will help you and your skin awaken and prepare for the day.
  1. Squeeze in your workout
Make a point of doing at least 15 minutes of exercise every morning before diving into your to-do lists or heading to work –– don’t worry, you can have your morning coffee first. Consistency is more important than intensity. Take the dog for a jaunt around the block to get both of you some fresh air. Lay out your yoga mat and flow through 20 Sun Salutations. Park yourself in front of the morning news and rotate through reps of squats, planks, and core exercises.
  1. Take your time with your skin
Rather than slapping on your products and moving on, take up to 60 seconds to massage in your cleanser, give your serums time to sink in before applying the next product, or use a jade roller after your moisturizer. Use this time to focus on your self-care.
  1. Set an intention for your day
Here are a few suggestions: I create mindful moments throughout the day, reminding myself I am love. Obstacles are detours in the right direction. I am on the right path. I find a deeper meaning and personal growth amid discomfort.
  1. Create an evening ritual to fall asleep fast
Try tuning into your more relaxed state by turning off technology by 8pm. Steep some sleepy tea to sip on. Take a hot bath. Get into bed before you feel tired so you can read, journal or meditate to clear your mind before settling into sleep.

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