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Head Massage Brush

Head Massage Brush


Recreate the refreshing feeling of a salon shampoo at home.

Healthy hair growth starts with a healthy scalp environment. Our head massage brush takes your hair wash routine to the next level. Ideal for those who want to really cleanse the scalp and remove excess sebum.

Use with your favourite shampoo, this silicone brush exfoliates your scalp, increasing scalp circulation and stimulation.

Can also be used on a dry scalp for a relaxing head massage.


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  • Benefits


    Designed for comfort but strong enough to remove stubborn scalp sebum during use


    Exfoliates and stimulates scalp

    Ideal for cleansing the scalp, shampooing and distributing scalp serum

    Creates optimum growth environment for healthy hair

    Recommended for performing acupressure

  • How To Use


    1. For use as a shampoo brush: lather shampoo on hair then gently scalp in small circular motions with the brush while washing hair

    2. For use as a massage brush: hold the brush in palm and massage scalp

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