Best Natural & Organic Hairspray

8 Best Natural & Organic Hairspray (Updated 2024)

Written by: Biancha

Struggling to find a natural hairspray that holds without harming your hair? Yep, that’s right - they do exist! Believe it or not, the market is now chock-full of toxin-free options.

Benefits of using Natural Hairspray

Hairspray gives your hair style and shape. It can make your hair look thick, shiny, or smooth. You can use it to hold curls in place all day, or to help keep straight hair from frizzing up.

The best part is that hairspray works for all hair types. It doesn't matter if you have thin, thick, curly or straight hair. There is a hairspray out there for you.

Here are some benefits you should know:

Styles and Shapes Hair: Hairspray provides style and shape to your hair.
Enhances Hair Appearance: It can make hair look thicker, shinier, or smoother.
Long-Lasting Hold: Helps maintain curls throughout the day and keeps straight hair from frizzing.
Versatility: Suitable for all hair types including thin, thick, curly, and straight hair.
Nourishing Ingredients: Many hairsprays contain natural ingredients and herbs that promote healthy hair growth.
Safe for Use: Hairsprays are generally safe and don't harm health or hair, especially organic varieties without harsh chemicals.
Environmentally Friendly: Organic hairsprays offer strong hold while being better for the environment.

What exactly is a Natural Hairspray?

Natural hairspray is not like other sprays, mostly because it contains ingredients that are safe and pure from the Earth. It (mostly) excludes bad things like sulfates, parabens, or fake scents. This keeps your hair safe and healthy (for the most part).

I want to reiterate here that not every ingredient in even the most sustainable hairsprays is natural or perfect. The key here is to have mostly natural ingredients, from a mostly sustainable brand.

It’s not about perfection, but about progress. Now back to natural hairsprays…

If you’re sensitive to chemicals, natural hairspray might be just what your scalp needs! Even people with colored or henna-treated hair can use it too! Natural hairspray works by holding your hairstyle in place but doesn't damage the hair with toxic or petroleum-based ingredients.

Look for plant-based ingredients like organic aloe vera. With a little bit of research, you can choose from high-quality, select brands based on what you need for your hair type and desired hold level.

To save you some time, we did the research for you! Here are the top 8 non-toxic, natural hairspray products to keep your head and skin happy.

Best Natural Hairspray Products

Hair Spray by John Masters Organics a one of the only USDA certified formulas on the market. It is known for being light and giving food to your hair with organic ingredients like aloe vera leaf juice and bergamot oil.

It offers a soft, flexible hold that keeps hair looking free, not stiff. This choice makes sure you are treating your curls right while avoiding harsh chemicals.

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