Best Sea Salt Spray For Vacation Hair at Home

The 19 Best Sea Salt Sprays for Vacation Hair at Home

Written by: Gabrielle Ulubay

There is nothing better than post-ocean dip hair. The good news: styling products can help you achieve the easy, breezy look you desire. The best sea salt sprays give the ultimate assist for easy air-dried waves a la a beach vacation.

But what is sea salt spray, exactly? "Sea salt spray is a product that, when added to the hair, will mimic the effects of spending the day at the beach with a tousled, textured look," says hairstylist and founder of Hair Addict Salon Michelle Cleveland. "The salt-and-water-based formulas manage this by adding a little grit, clumping your strands together so your natural texture is magnified. Wavy hair looks wavier, and even straight hair takes on a bit more definition."

Trying a bad sea salt spray can be enough to entirely turn you off the product. The feeling of straw-like hair is unforgettable. But the options we've laid out below? These are the good ones—we made sure of it. Ahead, editors and experts share their picks for the best sea salt sprays on the market (no straw-like strands here!), plus our honest reviews.

Best Organic Sea Salt Spray: John Masters Organics Sea Mist Spray with Sea Salt and Lavender

This USDA-certified organic sea mist incorporates lavender and aloe vera to combat any dryness caused by its organic sea salt. The sodium chloride itself adds texture, grit, and volume, closely mimicking the effects of a day spent at the beach. This formula also absorbs excess oil accumulated in between washes (a godsend for those with greasy hair). It has a near-perfect online rating and is especially beloved for its minimal ingredient list, "heavenly" smell, and the flattering effect it has on curly hair.

Size: 4.2 fluid ounces

Pros: Organic; Great for curly and voluminous hair; Nice smell; Contains hydrating aloe vera

Cons: Too much can make hair sticky; Medium lift, so not as suited for those looking for intense volume

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