One Year Strong: John Masters Organics x Green Spark Anniversary Recap

It's a momentous day at John Masters Organics as we mark the first anniversary of our impactful collaboration with Greenspark. Join us in reliving the highlights of this eco-journey that's shaping a better, greener future.

Image of a volunteer rescuing ocean plastic

100,000 Bottles Rescued and Counting

In just 365 days, we've collectively rescued 100,000 plastic bottles from our oceans. Each bottle saved is a testament to our commitment to cleaner waters and a healthier planet.

Image of a lush forest

3,000 Trees Planted

Our dedication to nature doesn't stop at the shore. Together, we've planted a thriving forest of 3,000 trees, contributing to the restoration of our planet's green lungs.

Image of fields with clouds

Offsetting 6 Tonnes of CO2

We take pride in our journey towards carbon neutrality. Together, we've successfully offset 6 tonnes of CO2, making tangible strides towards a sustainable future.

To Our Incredible Community: Thank You

Your commitment to our cause is the driving force behind these monumental achievements.

Greenspark Ocean Plastic Rescue photo

Looking Ahead: A Pledge to Sustainability

As we reflect on the past year, we're filled with gratitude and inspiration. The journey doesn't end here; it evolves. Our commitment to a greener, cleaner future is unwavering.

With gratitude,

John Masters Organics Team

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