4 Ways To Rock This Summer

It’s summertime and the living is easy breezy. Long days, warm nights, and the feeling of freedom and vacation even when you have to work the next morning. It’s a natural high that comes with the season, and we’ve been soaking up the sun’s good vibes at our favorite bodies of water—with a natural SPF, of course. Whether you’re trippin’ to the beach, driving to the pool, or diving into your favorite swimming hole, what you pack in your tote can make or break your lounging zen. Bring too much and you feel like a pack mule. Pack too little and you’re sure to miss something. We’ve rounded up our top 4 essentials loaded with practical purpose as well as luxury to make your experience extra special without weighing you down.

A nourishing, knot-busting detangler + comb
Chlorine, salt water, even fresh water, can leave hair a tangled mess and the former can strip hair of nutrients that leave it zapped of strength and shine. The sun can also, essentially, suck the water out of your hair leaving it brittle and dry, too. A travel-sized detangler, like our Citrus & Neroli Detangler, is the small but mighty answer. Used post pool or ocean, this lightweight leave-in conditioner, quickly and gently busts through knots and nourishes hair with powerhouse blend of soy proteins, wheat amino acids, and moisturizing coconut oil. Sweep hair into a low bun or braid for a sleek look that’s ready to hit the streets.

Travel Size Citrus And Neroli Detangler

A moisturizing, skin-soothing face mist
Because sun exposure and other environmental elements can dehydrate skin, spritz on a skin-soothing mist—as often as you want—to replenish moisture in a jiffy. Take our travel-sized Rose & Aloe Hydrating Toning Mist, for example. In addition to rose flower oil to soothe sensitive skin and white tea, high in protective antioxidants, it helps reduce inflammation and hydrates parched complexions. Its portable mini size and uplifting scent, guaranteed to refresh the hottest scenes, doesn’t hurt either.

A hydrating lippie
You should always have a good lippie on hand because, well, dry lips are no fun, and licking a parched pout repeatedly can remove skin’s natural hydrating lipids making the situation even worse. It’s giving us deserted-island nightmares just thinking about it. When you’re hitting the water is no exception. Applied pre-sunshine, an emollient balm, like our Lip Calm, helps lock in hydration and protect against chemicals, the sun’s rays, and wind. Look for ones that have organic oils, such as olive, borage, or jojoba, for huge boosts of moisture.

A water bottle of cold-brewed tea
Sure, a bottle of plain h20 is the gold standard, but we’re taking basic up a notch. Nothing quenches your thirst—or delivers an energy kick—on a hot summer day like iced tea, right? Skip the powdered stuff, and whip up a batch of cold-brewed organic black or green tea for deep flavor with a smooth taste. We’re partial to the Organic Green Tea Purifying Apple & Kiwi and its dreamy blend of green tea, apple, coconut, cranberry and kiwi, but choose one that satisfies your taste buds. Pour it into a water bottle, along with some ice, to instantly refresh and rehydrate on the go. To make, fill a pitcher with water and add one sachet for every 4 cups of water. Let it steep overnight in the refrigerator for delicious cold-infused tea ready for your next dip.

We hope you guys are having a fun and safe summer!

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