Say Hello to Hibiscus

Songs have been written about the beauty of roses, chamomile has been praised for centuries for its soothing properties, and lavender is a household essential for keeping calm –– but the unsung hero of the beauty world is an iconic, vibrant flower that instantly brings the mind to the beautiful flora of Hawaii: the hibiscus.

With a stunning array of color variations, the hibiscus flower is quickly recognizable with its flamboyant petals and prominent stamen and pistil. The trumpet-shaped flower is not only prized for its bold beauty, but also for its array of beautifying benefits for hair and skin.

The most common way to enjoy the healthful properties of hibiscus is by steeping it into a ruby-red tea. Its tart, somewhat sour flavor can be sipped hot or cold, and is naturally caffeine-free. Drinking hibiscus may promote lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, boost immunity, improve digestion, and calm internal inflammation. Its potent vitamin C and antioxidant content makes it a great choice for maintaining a healthy body and radiant skin.

Externally, hibiscus is a gorgeous ingredient for keeping hair healthy, strong, and youthful; this is why organic hibiscus flower extract is the star ingredient of our new natural Honey & Hibiscus Repair Collection, featuring the Hair Reconstructing Shampoo and Hair Reconstructing Conditioner. Hibiscus’s concentration of vitamin C and amino acids has shown impressive results when it comes to promoting healthy hair growth and nourishing strands from root to tip –– it may even stimulate dormant hair follicles to improve the fullness and volume of hair! Its powerful dose of age-fighting antioxidants has even been speculated to combat early graying of hair. Hibiscus’s anti-anti-inflammatory properties help keep the scalp free from itch-causing irritations, skin conditions, and can help fight off dandruff. And let’s not forget its intoxicating, berry-like scent that makes every wash with our natural Hair Repair Collection feel like you’re showering in a tropical paradise.

Whether you prefer to drink your hibiscus or bathe with it, there’s no denying that this iconic flower is an essential for keeping our bodies healthy, vibrant, and radiant from the inside out.

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