TSA Tips for Summer Travel

From road tripping to the next weekend festival to jet-setting internationally, keeping your toiletry bag lightweight and simple makes traveling that much easier. Whether you struggle to keep your checked bag under the weight limit or you’re trying to avoid checked-bag fees, carrying on your beauty products is easier than you think. Get to your destination without a hitch by following these tips for keeping your beauty essentials TSA-friendly:


Stuff your toiletry bag with products that fulfill more than one purpose like our Face & Body Bar with Lavender & Ylang Ylang or versatile 100% Argan Oil that can be used on the the face, hair and nails.

Lessen your Liquids

TSA requires that all liquids are 3.4 ounces or less, and all liquids must fit in a single quart-size clear, zip-top bag. Grab a solid shampoo, conditioner, shave bar, and multi-tasking cleanser like our Face & Body Bar with Lavender & Ylang Ylang to minimize your liquid stash.

Minimize with Minis

Grab your favorite beauty products in travel or trial sizes so that you don’t have to sacrifice your must-haves while you’re on the go. Many drugstores also carry empty TSA-friendly pouches and containers so you can decant your favorites into 3.4-ounce bottles and jars.

Packing smart will make your airport experience less stressful and help you avoid extra fees or –– even worse! –– having to leave behind your essentials at security! Happy travels!

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