A History of Rose-tinted Beauty

In the language of flowers, the rose is truly the most romantic. From extravagant Valentine’s Day bouquets to a single stem given to someone special, there is no other flower that is as symbolic of the word the “love” quite like the rose.

Throughout history the rose has been treasured for its beauty, sweet fragrance and healing properties. Said to have the highest vibrational frequency of all flowers, rose oil has been known to soothe a multitude of conditions. Roses have been around, according to fossil evidence, for a whopping 35 million years. It’s been said that ancient Egyptians boiled roses to make them into a healing balm to protect themselves against the dry desert environment. Rose took the ancient Greeks and Romans by storm when around 10th century A.D. a new way of steam-distilling petals was invented in Persia, which created the production of rose oil. Because it took nearly two thousand roses to make a mere one gram of oil, it was used in expensive perfumes and medical treatments. A bit later in the 17th century, rose extracts were so regarded that European nobility considered rose water to be legal tender!

While in 2018 we’re not exchanging rose extracts as currency for goods, our love of rose hasn’t dwindled. Now more than ever we see that rose as a star ingredient or scent in skincare, cosmetics and fragrances, especially with the rise of synthetics that attempt to mimic a rose scent at the fraction of the cost –– however, with a highly complicated chemical makeup, a real rose scent is near impossible to copy, and this is what really makes a true rose scent so precious.

Now you can take your rose obsession to the level of the ancient Romans and Greeks with the launch of our new, multitasking, natural Hair Milk with Rose & Apricot that smoothes, styles, defrizzes and hydrates hair, while providing light hold for ‘dos. Formulated with real organic rose flower water, there’s no phony fragrances to be found here. Finish off your look by adding a sweet kiss of rose to your pout anytime, anywhere with our new organic Rose-scented Lip Calm, made with soothing and age-fighting Damascan rose oil and rose hip oil to keep lips looking supple and youthful.

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