Fresh Squeezed Summer


Nothing slices through the heat better than the lively burst of something citrus. A wedge of lemon, lime, or orange gives water extra oomph. Lemonade. Margarita. Grapefruit spritzer. You get the idea. But the feel-good prowess of citrus doesn’t stop there. Along with boosting your spirit, immune system, and metabolism, it may have the power to protect your brain. Sound juicy? You bet it is. Read on to learn how it can keep your summer, skin, and body in bountiful balance.

Defend Against Dementia

We’ve heard an apple a day keeps the doctor away…but how about a mandarin? According to a new study in the British Journal of Nutrition, people who eat citrus fruit daily may be less likely to get dementia…like 23% less likely. The study, including 13,000 elderly Japanese adults, showed a relation between those who ate citrus fruit every day with a lower chance of developing dementia after a six-year follow-up compared to those who ate it 2 or fewer times a week. Researchers believe the anti-inflammatory, flavonoid-rich tissue and juice of this produce, specifically mandarins, may help protect your brain and its precious neurons. More testing is needed to confirm their findings, but in the meantime, we’ll be wedging it up. Top your favorite breakfast with these golden goodies, or pack one to go, and trek on.

Detox Your Skin

When it comes to your skin, look to lemon, lime, even grapefruit, for a natural anti-aging solution. Rich in vitamin C, which helps fight free radicals in your body, these fruits hide another beautiful benefit. When applied to the skin, their gentle citric acids can help gently brighten and exfoliate, revealing a more luminous, clear complexion. Lemon and lime oils are also known for their cleansing and anti-inflammatory properties, making them great for blemish-prone or oily skin.

To fight other signs of aging, grapefruit may just be your new go-to. It contains potassium and retinol antioxidants to help treat uneven skin tone, fine lines, and wrinkles. Try mixing juice from ½ a grapefruit, 1 tablespoon of honey, and ½ cup of oatmeal togethter for an age-defying face mask and John Masters Lemon & Lime Body Scrub, infused with lemon and lime oils, for a refreshing body buff. Glowy goddess, here we come.

Drink In Health

Skip your morning tea or coffee (gasp!) in favor of hot water and fresh lemon. The simple combination packs mighty benefits with a zesty kick. Lemon’s high mineral and vitamin content helps purge toxins from the body while the warm water activates your digestive track. Hello, speedier metabolism. The fruit’s potassium stimulates brain and nerve function, and its vitamin C boosts the immune system (a great tool for cold and flu season). Its skills don’t stop there. From fighting hunger cravings to clearing up problem skin to balancing your body’s pH, it’s a combination that may be worth the caffeine sacrifice. Add a touch of honey or turmeric to make it more your style.


Brighten Your Mood & More

Scents are pretty powerful things. They can transport you, conjure a memory, or give you a sense of peace. Take lavender. It used to be the calming queen bee, but study after study is proving orange essential oil to be an effective (and lasting) noninvasive treatment to reduce stress, fear, and anxiety. Lemon’s mild scent has been shown to improve cognitive performance and mood. And research shows that grapefuit’s aroma can help boost metabolism and reduce food cravings, with anecdotal evidence suggesting it can also curb depression and enhance memory. Try incorporating these refreshing scents into your practice by applying John Masters Sparking Citrus Roll-On Fragrance to pulse points.

Or try your hand at a DIY Orange Spice Diffuser. Hollow out ½ of an orange, removing as much flesh as possible. Mix together ¾ cup sea salt, 5 drops cinnamon essential oil, and 1 tablespoon whole cloves. Spoon into the rind and place in your casa. Replace every 3-4 days.

Now, how’s that for juicy? Hope you squeeze every last drop of sweetness out your summer.

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