Green Tea & Calendula: Nourishing Herbs for Healthy Hair

Everyone knows that filling our bellies with nutrient-dense foods is beneficial for our health, but many aren’t aware that same goes for what we put onto our bodies. This is why at John Masters Organics we purposefully formula products with naturally nourishing ingredients that keep our skin, hair and bodies looking, and feeling, their best.

Two essential herbs for lusciously healthy hair are green tea and calendula –– the all-star ingredients in our brand new Green Tea & Calendula Leave-In Conditioning Mist. This lightweight and effective mist instantly boosts hair’s hydration, manageability, and shine to keep strands strong from root to tip.

Green tea is an ancient herb and has been treasured for centuries for its array of health-promoting properties. Its incredible content of antioxidants combat the negative effects of free radicals (pollution) and can calm inflammation both inside and out. When it comes to hair, free radicals can cause strands to become dull, dry, and brittle, which can lead to thinning and loss of hair density. The natural antioxidants and calming properties in our Organic Green Tea Extract can help prevent free radical damage, sooth an irritated scalp, and gently stimulate hair follicles.

Calendula, more commonly known as the marigold flower, is prized for its incredible abilities to sooth, restore, and protect irritated, inflamed skin. The Organic Calendula Extract used in our hair mist promotes a dandruff- and itch-free scalp, while shielding strands in a protective barrier to lock in hydration and prevent moisture loss throughout the day.

Whether your hair texture is pin-straight, frizzy, curly, or coiled, our vitamin-rich Green Tea & Calendula Leave-In Mist is a must-have for keeping your gorgeous locks strong, hydrated, and lustrous all day, every day.

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