Mother's Day Pairings

Mother’s Day is such a meaningful holiday whether you’re planning on celebrating the woman who gave you life, or a person who has been a strong and reliable mother figure for you. While it’s key to remember that it’s the thought behind a gift that counts, it can be overwhelming trying to choose a gift that wonderfully displays your appreciation for your mother.

Everyone loves a perfect pair: peas and carrots, shoes and socks, ice cream and cones, and you and your mom. We’ve put together this list of three best-selling John Masters Organics products that perfectly pair with accessible flowers to help you create a meaningful Mother’s Day gift set.

Roses and our Hair Mask with Rose & Apricot

Spoil Mom with our favorite self-care essential that leaves hair luxuriously soft with the potent power of 8,700 rose petals in each 5-ounce tube. And whether it’s a single stem or bountiful bouquet, who doesn’t love receiving roses on their special day? You can even toss in a tube of our cult-favorite Rose Lip Calm for an extra little surprise.

Aloe Vera and our Calendula Hydrating And Toning Mask

Mom can draw a bath and relax wearing this intensely hydrating and restoring face mask that’s packed with age-fighting and calming ingredients such as aloe vera and spirulina. Pair this skin treat with an adorable aloe plant that not only purifies air within the home, but can be used directly on skin when her complexion is looking or feeling stressed.

Lavender and our Sea Mist Spray

No scent relaxes the mind quite like lavender. Try wrapping a bundle of fragrant lavender sprigs with a ribbon and dropping it into a rustic-looking mason jar as an affordable and thoughtful gift to pair with our best-selling Sea Mist Spray. A must-have for busy and low-maintenance moms, our salt spray instantly delivers effortless beachy texture to hair so she can feel confident heading out the door.

If you want to make your gift set even more special, don’t underestimate the power of your words. Pick up a card (or make one at home) to fill with reasons why you love and appreciate your mother. Material items will fade and disappear, but your words will stay in her heart forever.

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