Summer Styling Series: Half-Up Topknot

We’re in full summer mode over here. From picnics to beaches to road trips with friends, we’re packing our days (and nights) full of the good stuff. A great new look from our Summer Styling Series is seeing us through it all, beautifully. It’s called the half-up topknot, and it’s our favorite new style with a relaxed, boho vibe that stuns no matter the setting. Cocktail hour? Check. Festival? Check. We’re not quite sure how it does it, but we’re loving its endless versatility.

Like the sleek ponytail from our last post, this how-to video will show you how to effortlessly achieve the half-up topknot with just one product. In this case, our Hair Paste. Or, as we like to call it, our all-in-one mega multitasker. With organic honey and beeswax, it gives this style textured edge and a soft matte finish. Apply a little with your fingertips, adding more if needed, until your hair is tousled just right. We like it pretty and piecey, but for a smoother, polished version, you can also use our NEW Sculpting Clay.

Watch now, and learn how to quickly master it in under 5 minutes. And, if you haven’t checked out our first how-to video on the sleek ponytail, please do. It’s a classic hairstyle you’ll want to wear time and time again.

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