The Best NYE Hairstyle for Your Hair Type

It’s almost New Year’s Eve and your dress is ready to go…your hair is another story. What to do?

The key is to work with your hair type, not against it. If you have straight hair, it’s best to go with a straight style. This is potentially the longest night of the year, so experiment with curls another time.

Here are three hair types and tips to make sure your style stays put when you ring in the new year.

Straight and sleek

As your blowout fades, your biggest challenge is bedraggled locks that start to piece together as the night wears on. Ward this off by applying a quarter size amount of shine on leave-in hair treatment to towel dried hair. Blow dry as normal then smooth a small amount of hair pomade over the top to eliminate fly-aways and add shine.

At midnight, you’ll kiss with confidence.

Curly and carefree

As you get tired, so will your curls. Help them live up to their full potential all night long by applying a nickel size amount of rose & apricot hair milk through towel dried hair down to the ends. Blow dry with diffuser, then scrunch a few drops of dry hair nourishment & defrizzer into ends to add moisture and eliminate frizz.

You dance, your curls bounce.

Wavy and layered

Three words: Volume. Volume. Volume. Work our volumizing foam into the roots of damp hair then blow dry upside down. Use a 2-inch curling iron for soft waves, then run a pea size amount of bourbon vanilla & tangerine hair texturizer through hair for a piecey, natural look. Hold in place with our USDA-certified organic hair spray.

Now you just have to worry about your shoes.

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