The Secret Behind our Organic Rose Water

When it comes to beauty, it’s what’s on the inside that counts –– and inside the five-ounce tube of our indulgently rich and conditioning Hair Mask with Rose & Apricot is the magic of 8,700 organic rose petals.

In order to create the concentrated rose water used in our fan-favorite hair mask, we source only the finest rose petals in the world: those from the Rose Valley in Bulgaria. Spanning seven miles wide and almost 60 miles long, this single valley produces close to half of the world’s rose oil –– about 1.8 tons.

From mid-May to early-June, after the heaviest rainfall season, the bright-pink roses begin to bloom and unleash their deliciously sweet scent into the valley. The valley’s special climate and soil gives each rose its coveted aroma, longevity and potency desired by the most famous perfumeries and beauty products around the world. Rose picking begins as early as 4 AM and continues until 10 AM as the rose petals plucked later in the day have as much as 50% less rose oil concentration. Even the baskets that carry the delicate, pink petals are special: willow branches are specifically chosen as they don’t soak the dew of the petals, keeping each one fresh and supple.

The precision, tradition and care put into the cultivation and harvest of the Bulgarian roses is what makes our decadent Hair Mask with Rose & Apricot such a luxurious treat for dry hair, because at John Masters Organics, we know it really is what’s on the inside that counts.

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