Why Fall is Your Mind’s Soulmate

Crisp air, crunchy leaves, vivid color displays. This season is rich in sensorial goodies for the eyes, ears, and mind. (Don’t worry, Mother Nature. We can take a hint.) Consider them her not-so-subtle way of telling us that it’s the perfect time to connect with the world around us…and reconnect with ourselves. Meditate on a falling leaf and its journey. Listen to the rustle of the Autumn trees. Find the beauty in your surroundings. With a fun and, admittedly, crazy, rush of celebrations just around the corner, use this season to remember, reflect, and re-center. It can help you reap max enjoyment from the moments to come and savor them like a steamy mug of cider. So, go on. Give this Fall a piece of your heart and mind with a few of our favorite ways to relax. In return, it’ll give you a little something we like to call peace of mind.

Meditate mid-commute

Morning commutes can play with your psyche—no matter the time of year. Crowded trains, bumper-to-bumper traffic, and don’t even get us started on hair-wrecking weather. But there’s a silver lining, we promise. That precious time is a great opportunity to meditate in motion. Plug into a calmer state of being with the Headspace app, which has daily mini mediation sessions to help start your day off right. Or, try recording your own for a customized version that’s honed into your personal needs.

Try a new method

Meditation isn’t everyone’s cup of chai tea. Consider gradually building your focus with this easy candle meditating trick and our John Masters Blood Orange & Vanilla Soy Wax Candle. For an alternative, find a creative outlet you love—like baking, sewing, sketching, knitting, or painting—and discover the peace and flow in the hands-on process. Or just start by uni-tasking, as in the complete opposite of multi-tasking. Exclusively doing one thing frees up your mind from distraction and can help you feel more present and less scattered. Check in with yourself, choose and commit to your task, then set a time frame.

Go find some green

Walking is great for the heart, but walking through green outdoor spaces, like a park or nature preserve, is also good for the mind. Multiple studies have proved that taking a lush stroll verse a street-side jaunt may help put the brain into a more zen-like state. How, you ask? It’s called “involuntary attention.” Walking through a calmer, park-like environment holds your attention, yet requires less effort and engagement, naturally giving the mind freedom to reflect on other things. With Fall’s clear skies, and dry, brisk weather, it’s the perfect time to stretch your legs and stimulate your mind. Just remember to walk slowly and let the beauty of the foliage sink in.

Make the most of everyday moments

Normal day-to-day movements and activities, such as brushing your teeth, sipping your coffee, and washing your face are incredibly convenient opportunities to reflect. Take applying a hair mask, like our new John Masters Hair Mask for Normal Hair with Rose & Apricot for example. Pay attention to the sound of the shower and the luxurious feel of the mask gliding through your strands. See? Anything can be turned into a ritual when given some mind space. Plus, giving your tresses a deep drink will help keep them healthy and happy.

Disconnect to re-connect

We know, easier said than done. But disconnecting from your phone can help you focus on the things (and people) that really matter and improve your health, too. A 2015 Brigham Young University study found that technology interference or “technoference” can damage your relationships and psychological health (think increased stress, panic, and depression levels), but the biggest reveal was that your usage can make your partner depressed. If that’s not reason to power down, we’re not sure what is, but let’s start with baby steps. Try putting your phone on silent, leave it in another room to charge, and remove pop-up notifications. Jump into the season’s outdoor activities, like hiking or biking, that need both hands free, and remember to tell your partner they’re awesome.

Hope you’re as inspired as we are to hop on Fall’s bandwagon and make it your most beautiful and mindful season yet.

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