Your 2018 Hair Lookbook

Natural can be beautiful, especially when it comes to hairstyles. Here are on-trend styling options for three different hair lengths.

Short: Simply Textured

Work a pomade, like John Masters Organics Hair Paste, into slightly damp hair to capture air-dried waves with just the right amount of hold. Or, apply it to dry roots for instant volume, pulling it through ends to tame flyaways. Though a soft shine finish looks rich and polished by firelight, we love how this paste’s matte finish gives strands a fresh, modern touch.

Medium: Tousled Lob

Wrap strands around the barrel of a curling iron, winding away from the face. If your hair doesn’t take the curl that well, all the better. The goal is to create laid-back waves that softly frame your features while adding body and movement. Rub a balmy texturizer between your hands, then piece out curled sections for subtle definition, flexible hold, and slept-in texture. The beauty of using our John Masters Bourbon Vanilla & Tangerine Texturizer? You can revive volume anytime by giving hair a gentle rub.

Long: Braided Updo

Apply a leave-in treatment with a little hold, such as our John Masters Organics Hair Milk, then plait hair into two braids. Wrap them around your head and pin them on top, loosening a few carefree tendrils around the neck and face. Or, take those two braids—or a single side braid—and loop them into a low, messy or smooth, bun. Options are the name of this game…just make sure to spritz your final style with a light, natural hold hairspray. Try our John Masters Organics Hair Spray to keep strands tucked in and soft to the touch.

Happy styling.

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