Happy Birthday to Us!

August 2022 marks the 28th anniversary of the beginning of John Masters Organics. While organic and clean beauty has been a trend on the rise the last few years, 28 years ago the idea of an organic, nature-based beauty line was radical and innovative.

In 1994 John Masters was just a hair stylist with an idea. He had a passion for holistic living and natural, organic ingredients, which contradicted his work in the chemical-filled hair salons of New York. Toxic products and aerosols steep the air with formaldehyde, ammonia, fragrances, parabens and other harsh chemicals as clients came to receive their hair coloring, perms and treatments. With an idea to revolutionize the beauty world, John decided to remove himself from the salon space and began seeing his clients in his little Manhattan apartment –– soon after, he opened the world’s first clean air salon, John Masters Organic Salon in New York.

While his revolutionary salon has since closed it doors, John continues his mission to spread the goodness of non-toxic beauty through John Masters Organics so that both professionals and non-professionals alike can enjoy safe, effective, natural, and organic beauty products.

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