Ingredient Spotlight: Acacia Senegal Gum

We proudly boast the incredible style-holding power of our USDA-certified organic, aerosol-free natural Hair Spray because it’s one of the few of its kind on the market. How can a natural and organic hair spray mist possibly work just as well –– if not better –– than the colorful aerosol cans we see lined up on the shelves in stores and salons?

The secret to the long-lasting, flake-free medium hold of our natural Hair Spray is called acacia senegal gum: an ingredient sustainably sourced from the bark of Acacia Senegal trees. The extracted white powder is a natural, soluble fiber obtained from the hardened sap, and is used as a binder in many beauty products from skincare to toothpaste. Its ability to provide texture and hold is what gives our hair spray the ability to keep styles in place all-day long while still remaining easy to brush and wash out at the end of the day.

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