Our Partnership with Green Spark & Plastic Bank

In partnership with Greenspark & Plastic Bank, we are committed to stopping plastic from entering our oceans and increasing our efforts to contribute to environmental protection and social responsibility. For every item purchased on our website, we will rescue 2x ocean-bound plastic bottles.

John Masters is now Plastic Neutral!

About Plastic Bank:

Plastic Bank® builds ethical recycling ecosystems in coastal communities while simultaneously creating positive economic opportunities for those who helped collect it.

Currently, more than half of plastic produced is designed to be single-use, and less than 9% is recycled. Today, over 5 trillion pieces of plastic litter the ocean. The most famous accumulation of discarded plastic is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, an area of floating plastic pollution approximately three times the size of France. To fight plastic pollution, society must move away from the linear model of “Take, Make, Dispose”, and instead embrace a circular model that recycles and reuses the same resources indefinitely.

Plastic Bank promotes the circular economy by monetising plastic waste. Their collectors receive a premium for the materials they collect which helps them provide basic family necessities. The collected material is reborn as Social Plastic® which can be easily reintegrated into products and packaging as part of a closed-loop supply chain.
Not only does Plastic Bank prevent ocean-bound plastics from reaching our waterways, but they also reduce the number of new plastics being created by encouraging companies to switch to recycled sources.

This is just the start of our sustainability journey. We are always looking for more ways to improve our practices in every way we can.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions for our brand we would love to hear your feedback! Please reach out to


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