Why should men use John Masters Organics products?

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Good skin and hair care is not limited to ladies. John Masters creates unisex products that work on a type of hair or skin independently of the gender of the person. Our products are a great natural and organic alternative to what men usually purchase in supermarkets. Our styling products, for instance, will last longer and will protect your hair through the day, instead of damaging it.

What should men add to their routine?

Conditioning is too often overlooked by men and a lack of conditioner causes dry and frizzy hair as the hair shaft is dehydrated and becomes impossible to comb. This makes us want to use more and more styling products, drying the hair even more and creating a vicious circle. A light conditioner will provide the nourishment and hydration the hair needs, without adding unnecessary oil to the hair.

What is the most common issue for men?

A majority of men complain about scalp itchiness or dandruff. Our hero product, the Scalp Stimulating Shampoo is a particular John Masters Organics favourite amongst men with a dry scalp or dandruff. It purifies and detoxifies the scalp by providing the nutrients it needs to thrive. Therefore, any dandruff or desquamation (peeling/flaking of dead skin cells) is washed away. The scalp is left feeling clean and healthy, whilst helping to promote hair growth.

Any tip?

One of our top tips for men is to just let your hair breathe. Use fewer styling products and fewer heating tools to avoid dehydrating and breaking your hair. Try and go a few days without using shampoo to avoid stripping the natural oils from your scalp. Having a minimalist approach is a good thing when looking after your hair.

For those of you who want to learn more about hair & skin care for men, we recommend Humanery, home of the world's finest men's grooming & self-care!

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