How to achieve a perfectly natural skin care routine

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So, chances are if you’re reading this you’ve reached the understanding that achieving your version of perfectly natural beauty doesn’t need to come at the expense of the health of the wonderful world we live in, or yours. Nice work!

Naturally rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamins and minerals, effective organic natural ingredients are capable of transforming your skin by combating free radical damage, supporting cell turnover and strengthening your skin barrier. Unfortunately, coming to this realisation and making the decision to switch is often the easy bit, so we totally get it if you’re feeling overwhelmed with choice and what to include in your new, perfectly natural routine.

Don’t panic! John Masters Organics has decades of industry experience and innovation and in this blog we’re discussing what you really need if you want to harness the power of plants. From sensitizing ingredients to environmental aggressors, your skin is under consistent and sustained attack on a daily basis and knowing which culprits to ID is key to getting the upper hand…

Here are your 3 simple steps to achieving holistic wellbeing inside and out, and the best glowing skin of your life!

Wow, do our 21st century lifestyles like to take it out on our skin! If this resonates, you’re most likely suffering from dry and unhappy skin due to a chronic loss of dehydration. Aside from not drinking enough water (two litres a day minimum please) and taking enough time out to safeguard your physical and mental wellbeing, in skincare terms this means clogged pores, and an accelerating rate of skin ageing – not what we want! Ingredients to avoid are drying alcohols (that disrupt your skin barrier), fragrance, and harsh exfoliants like highly concentrated hydroxy acids and those gritty physical scrubs. You need to select a cleanser that is specifically tailored to your skin type or concern.  If you’re looking for an everyday skincare treat, then look no further than the John Masters Organics Cleansing Balm. This sumptuously silky balm transforms into a luxurious oil on contact with water to provide a gentle cleanse whilst safeguarding your skin’s natural moisture levels with Kokum butter and Sea Buckthorn extract. Looking for something more targeted? There are cleansers in the range specifically tailored to oily or blemish prone skin as well as those wanting more foaming or exfoliating action. Remember, products should be as unique as you are…

Daily skin damage needs intensely nourishing and hydrating products to consistently heal your skin. Before you reach for the essential oils thinking they’re the best thing to calm your stressed-out skin, you’d be wise to think again. We’ll be the first ones to tell you - not all that’s natural is good for all skin types, particularly those with sensitive skin. Whilst it’s true that essential oils have a host of fantastic antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, for some skin they’re just too complex, so it’s best to treat with caution when incorporating them into your routine for the first time. You need a serum that is dedicated to delivering a cocktail of essential vitamins and antioxidants to brighten and repair dull looking skin, boost firmness, elasticity, and improve skin texture. The plant actives that support this? The world-renowned Kakadu Plum with the highest concentration of vitamin C in the WORLD and you’ll find it packed into our incredible Intensive Daily Serum formula. Gentle enough for everyday use, it provides unrivalled protection against pollution and other free radical damage whilst providing the nourishment your skin needs to glow it’s best.

If you’ve heard it once you’ve heard it a thousand times, but it really is true: prevention is better than cure. Before you look at us sceptically, what on earth is the point of making all these changes to your routine only to throw it all away at the final hurdle?! Lock in all that goodness from your previous steps with a moisturiser packed full of top performing antioxidants in one lightweight cream. The John Masters Organics Antioxidant Cream revitalises dull and dehydrated skin with Rose & Apricot extracts and other unique organic botanicals. If you’re looking to step your routine up a notch, then the John Masters Organics Overnight Facial Mask is the perfect visible pick me up. Brighter, more youthful skin is within (overnight) reach with this formula packed with nature’s best hydrator – hyaluronic acid.

So, there you have it, by knowing which key skin sensitizers to avoid (and some amazingly efficient natural products) you can keep your skin glowing and your routine one step ahead of the curve. Sadly, if they’re present in your current products, then it’s time to send them to skincare heaven (or hell) and to trust a brand with exceptionally authentic ingredients, effortless application, and embrace your version of perfectly natural beauty…

Now where on earth can you find products that contain all that goodness…?

Hint: that’s us!

John Masters Organics

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