Organic Hair Care Has Never Felt So Good (Or Been So Easy!)

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Organic Professional Hair Care

You need only cast your mind back a few short years, to a time where words like ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ in hair care meant ‘short shelf-life’ and sadly were often felt to be too far removed from words like ‘salon quality’ and ‘professional’. Happily those days are over! 

John Masters Organics have beautifully managed that delicate balancing act between making organic natural hair care products that you want because you love the environment and the world around you, and the other side of the hair care coin - professional looking hair that feels as soft and gentle as a summer breeze.

Today we want it all - an amazing quality product that nourishes, protects and feeds our hair with the best nature has to offer, married to the satin smooth feel, bounce and glow of professional stylist products. Nasty chemicals have been replaced by well balanced replacements already found in the natural world, just waiting for someone to realise that we don’t need to sacrifice goodness for a salon ready finish.

Take the scalp follicle treatment and volumizer. It sounds like it’s chock full of chemicals, solvents and E-numbers but the truth is that the primary ingredients are thyme and Irish moss. The goodness that your scalp needed was there in nature all along folks!

Not that these products look anything less than professional, salon ready products. The packaging is stylish (naturally, recyclable) and smart. The range of organic hair care treatments are outstanding too - shampoos, scalp care, conditioner, styling products and brushes have been made with the same goal in mind - always be green, organic and natural yet never sacrifice on the results or the quality.

The organic ingredients used in these products make them sound almost edible - lavender and avocado shampoo for dry hair, green tea and calendula conditioning mist.

John Masters Organic Hair Products

They smell as good as they sound (if not better!), they make your hair feel amazing, they are professionally made for professional results… and they don’t cost the earth.

The future is now. It’s Green, Organic and Natural - you’ll never look back once you’ve tried John Masters Organics!

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