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Scalp health is important to maintaining healthy hair

Scalp Exfoliating Scrub

Just like our complexions, our scalp can be prone to clogged pores, build-up, itchy flakes, dry patches, and even acne. Along with using a gentle and effective cleansing shampoo and hydrating conditioner, the scalp should be regularly exfoliated to prevent hair follicles from build-up that can over time lead to hair loss and damage.

This scrub contains four natural exfoliants - organic sugar cane, bamboo, pumpkin enzyme, and AHA botanical fruit extracts. These natural exfoliants work together to help remove flakes, build up, and excess sebum. Organic tea tree oil and wild thyme detoxify the scalp and help treat flaky areas. It also calms and sooths an irritable scalp, clears clogged pores and bumps.

This fresh scrub delivers instant relief and comfort to the scalp, progressively refining and improving its texture and condition.

Suitable for all hair types.

Exfoliating Scalp Brush

Pre-shampoo - massage the scalp to draw out oil, dirt, toxins and impurities. This invigorating scalp brush contains looped tines that massage the scalp without tangling the hair and works well to prep the scalp before cleansing. Great for stimulating follicles for hair growth. This brush is beneficial for all scalp types.

Scalp Stimulating Shampoo

For those who love hair spray, hair oil, hair mousse, hair gel…or gym addicts…and want to deep clean with this hair detoxifier at least once a week. The shampoo is powered by organic spearmint leaf oil and meadowsweet flower extract which targets build-up and oily scalp conditions by detoxifying and regulating sebum production.
Organic spearmint and peppermint oils stimulate and refresh the scalp while organic meadowsweet flower extract and eucalyptus oil act as natural astringents to balance sebum levels and improve scalp health.


We would recommend using any John Masters Organics conditioner suitable for your hair type.

Scalp Follicle Treatment & Volumizer

Delivers perfectly weightless hydration, to give hair a healthy
re-densified volume boost and creates the optimal conditions for fuller, healthier-looking hair.
Irish moss - known for its ability to soothe the scalp, condition the hair, enhances shine, and fortifies the hair fibres.
Burdock root - helps to strengthen hair and stimulate growth, also helps with scalp irritation issues, dandruff, and an itchy scalp.
Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein - will greatly increase the hair's ability to retain moisture, add volume, and reduce hair's porosity while improving its smoothness and increase shine.
Hyaluronic acid - can hold 1,000 times its weight in water, giving your scalp the thirst-quenching hydration it's craving.

Scalp Purifying Serum

Filled with active ingredients, this treatment has antibacterial properties and works to detoxify, purify and nourish the scalp.
At the end of this purification process your scalp will be soothed and refreshed and your hair will feel lightweight and softer.
Great pre-shampoo  re-fresher for invigorating the scalp’s blood flow or leave it overnight for a stimulating and nourishing boost.
Or, why not use it for relaxing head massage.

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