How To Identify Your Hair Type And Which Products Will Suit You

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Many hair care products we see advertised today are targeted towards specific hair types. This can be confusing if you don’t know what hair type you have or what your hair needs in order to shine. Choosing the wrong products for your hair may result in hair that is undernourished and dull or overloaded with products, resulting in scalp build up or dehydration.


To determine which products will work for you, you will first need to identify your hair type. There are many elements that make up hair type but two key areas that tend to get a lot of attention are greasiness/dryness and thickness. Below are two simple tests that will help you determine exactly what your hair needs in no time.


Oily or Dry?


The oiliness of your hair depends on how much sebum your scalp produces (or doesn’t produce) consistently. As well as genetics, factors such as frequent change in weather, stress and improper hair care can cause the scalp to produce excess oil. Hair dryness can also come down to genetics but also occurs with heat damage from the sun or styling tools and overuse of chemical products. 


To test whether your hair is on the oily or dry side, wash it normally and let it air dry. The next day, gently dab your scalp with a tissue, paying extra attention to your crown and behind your ears (this is where excess oil tends to be). Depending on the level of oil produced, you will be able to determine whether your hair is oily, normal or dry.


Oily - if there is an obvious oily patch on the tissue then you have oily hair.


Normal  - if there is very little oil on the tissue then you have normal hair, neither oily or dry.


Dry - if there is no oil at all on the tissue then you have dry hair.


Recommendations based on your hair needs:



If you have oily hair, try out the Scalp Stimulating Shampoo with Spearmint & Meadowsweet to gently cleanse and detoxify your scalp and work to balance oil levels.

For a more intense treatment, use the Scalp Exfoliating Scrub with Sugar Cane & Tea Tree Oil to unclog pores and remove excess build up, leaving you with an all round happy scalp.


If you have normal hair, maintain this perfect balance with the naturally powerful Shampoo For Normal Hair With Lavender & Rosemary. This luxurious product will provide the ultimate washing experience and keep your luscious locks looking great.


For dry hair try out the indulgently hydrating Shampoo for Dry Hair with Evening Primrose to moisturise hair from root to tip and increase shine without weighing your hair down. On the go try the Leave-in Conditioning Mist with Green Tea & Calendula to add shine, smooth flyaways and leave your hair silky soft.


Fine or Thick?


The diameter of your hair refers to the individual thickness of each strand of hair. A single strand of hair should be about the same thickness as a piece of string. As well as genetics, other factors such as hormones and age can have an affect on hair diameter.


To test the thickness of your hair,  hold one strand between your thumb and index finger. Depending on the individual thickness of the hair strand you will be able to determine whether your hair is fine, medium or thick.


Fine - If you cannot feel the strand of hair between your thumb and finger then you have fine hair.


Medium - If you can just about feel the strand of hair then you have medium hair


Thick - If you can distinctly feel the strand of hair then you have thick hair.


Recommendations based on hair needs:



For fine hair use the Shampoo For Fine Hair With Rosemary And Peppermint to cleanse and strengthen hair without weighing it down. Add a little lift with the Volumizing Foam that tames frizz and adds a natural shine.



If you have medium hair you may like to try the natural and silicone-free Conditioner for Normal Hair with Citrus & Neroli to hydrate, detangle and soften hair.



Thicker hair tends to be more dehydrated and dull. This is because it takes longer for your scalp's natural oils to reach the ends. If this is the case for you, you may like to try the Hair Milk with Rose & Apricot, a leave-in hair treatment and styler that helps to defrizz and add shine. The intensely nourishing  Conditioner for Dry Hair with Lavender & Avocado is perfectly formulated to soothe dry strands and increase your hair’s ability to retain moisture.


Now you know which hair type you have and the kinds of products that will work for you, treat your locks to a revitalising reboot to look and feel your best.

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